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Zone Fitness Bellville Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop (2)Dawn Woodrup is the food and beverages manager for the Zone Fitness Bellville restaurant. She is responsible for organising the hiring and booking of the conference facilities, lunches, meetings and functions both big and small that take place at the Studio Function Hall. These facilities can also be booked by members of the public.

The club offers a number of healthy breakfast options to choose from. These includes oats, muesli and fruit salad. If you’re feeling expansive, you can choose the more substantial eggs, omelettes or bacon.

For lunch time, the restaurant does a range of delicious salads, toasted sandwiches and burgers for hungry guests. The ‘meal of the day’ is normally a hearty, home-cooked meal, which is healthy for both the mind and body!
A Banting option is available on the menu and has been a huge hit with customers! Everything is freshly made in the kitchen and there is a range of delicious options to choose from. The savoury muffins, for instance, are made from almond flour and Banting bread is available.

As an added member service, smoothies can be made on the spot if you need a post-workout boost. These can be personalised by adding protein powder to ensure optimum muscle growth! The restaurant encourages you to sit down around the tables and enjoy your meal or a coffee with other members and socialise after a strenuous training session.

The restaurant is not only open to members. It is open to the staff, public, Sanlam employees and anyone else who is open to having a meal with the Zone members.

Zone Fitness members love having a restaurant available in the gym, as it saves time not having to prepare pre and post-workout snacks. The variety of foods on offer keeps customers coming back daily for something new. The staff are friendly and enjoy seeing their regular customers, helping to create a welcoming feel upon entry (which is also helped by the smell of freshly baked goods!) A more personal relationship is created between the members and staff, where staff know what clients will order before they say it!


Take a look at our updated menu below.

author: Zone Fitness