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3-D Shoulder Workout

Here is one of my current shoulder workouts for you to try on your own. This workout consist of 4 supersets back to back Shoulder Workout . This is a very challenging workout but can be completed by all fitness levels if you modify by lowering the total amount of sets performed per superset.



No rest between exercises
45-60 secs rest max between each superset
Superset#1- dumbbell press- 5 x 10 one hand cable rear laterals- 5x 10
Superset#2- smith machine shoulder press- 4×10 plate front raises- 4×10
Drop-set:smith machine shoulder press-1×8/ a.m.r.a.p
Plate front raises- 1 x 10
Superset#3- face pulls- 4×10 shoulder shrugs- 4x 5slow/8-10fast
Superset#4- cable lateral raises- 3×10 alternating dumbbell front raises-3×10

author: Zone Fitness