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How to make half-time snacks that are good for you!

030Healthy Half-time Snacks: Rugby games are synonymous with good food! Unfortunately, most snacks are high in saturated fats, salt and sugar. Try these easy ingredient swaps to make your rugby gathering the talk of the town…and keep the boys happy!

Biltong: A rugby game and biltong goes together like bread and butter! Ask your butcher to cut off excess fat before carving your meat. There are also great substitutes for beef biltong. The local health shops and farmers markets sell biltong made from chicken, fish and even vegetables! Best of all? The taste is just as good as beef biltong, with more protein and less fat.

Crisps: Instead of serving bowls of potato and corn chips, try popcorn or the new puffed rice and vegetable crisps that are available at most shops. You can also make your own veggie chips by slicing your favourite vegetables in thin slices and microwaving them for a few minutes, until crispy. Season with your favourite spices and dried herbs. They taste great!

Dips: For healthier dips, try hummus & pesto dips, or make your own dips with low fat greek yogurt or cream cheese. Simply season with your favourite herbs, spices, pesto’s or sauces that don’t contain too much sugar. Always check the list of ingredients!

Snack plates: Make your own snack plates with slices of carrots, celery, cucumber, olives, gherkins and low fat cheeses. Cut them into sticks for easy dipping. Mix chives, spices or pesto into low fat greek yogurt for a tasty dip. Place bowls of unsalted nuts around, instead of salted peanuts!

Sweets: Instead of bowls of candy, put out fresh fruit like grapes and berries for easy eating. Freeze individual segments of oranges and naartjies and dip them in melted dark chocolate. Set in the freezer for a few more minutes and serve as a refreshing tangy treat!

Poppers: If you’re planning to serve Jalapeno poppers, use low fat cream cheese inside and dip them in desiccated coconut or corn chips. Drizzle with olive oil and bake instead of frying! They’re gluten free and taste just as good as the original!

author: Zone Fitness


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