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Zone Fitness Club News: With the start of Spring in September, it was all the rage in our clubs! Both the staff and the club members love dressing up, be it for Spring, Superhero workouts or a colour theme. Take a look at some of the activities the clubs got up to and see if you were there!
Kloof hosted a 30 Seconds Butt Blaster class, GI Jane with boxing instructor Hassan, Fifty-Fifty Challenge and Womens Wiggle with dance instructor Ester.

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Have a look at how creative each club got for Spring Day!


Everyone at the Milnerton club had a blast with Spring Day! They were all so excited to see the sun come out, and decorated the whole club with flowers.


As did Cape Quarter – they had an awesome time with the theme!


Bellville decorated their entrance to start off everyone’s Spring day with a smile on their face!

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Brackenfell had a blast decorating the club for Spring week! The decorations stayed up between September 1 and September 4. They look forward to many more beautiful spring days!


At Mitchell’s Plain, everyone put in all their effort with spring day to make it something special, which was wonderful to see! Spirits were high on the day and everyone went home with good memories.


Life Centre celebrated by decorating the whole club beautifully! For the lucky members who were in the spinning class, they made cocktail juice!


Rondebosch then held celebrated the end of Women’s Month with a “women’s power hour” coreburn class. At the end of the class, they handed out small goodie bags to the women who took part.


Zone Fitness Brackenfell and Bellville had a joined Cupcake and Coffee sale to raise funds for a new and upcoming charity, ‘Be The Difference Foundation’.

They raised money for their Sports Day event, held on September 5th. With the money raised from the sale, they sponsored this event with medals and a trophy for the winning team.



author: Zone Fitness