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Christmas Charity Event – St. Georges Mall

Christmas Charity Event – St. Georges Mall: This was such a blessed experience to be able to spend time with kids who are less privileged.
We spoke to the headmistress of the school, who was very impressed by the way we interacted with the kids. We’re privileged to have been asked to form part of their counselling process.
The headmistress said that they’ve never seen the kids react in the way that they did to any of the other groups who had previously hosted events with them. This was encouraging to hear, as you get a feeling you’re making a positive impact on the children through health and ¬†fitness.
We all showed genuine interest and, in turn, motivated most of the children to want to work at Zone Fitness. To hear this as their goal is inspiring and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

author: Zone Fitness