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Apps to Track your Calorie Intake

Apps to Track your Calorie Intake

Since our phones have become a major part of our daily life, it’s easier than ever to manage various needs. Apps are readily available for anything, and one of the handiest tools you can have to keep you on your fitness path is an app to manage your calorie intake.

While it’s good to have fitness apps that track your progress throughout the day, diet is one of the most important aspects of health. Having an app on your phone will enable you to stay on the right path and make sure you don’t slip up anywhere! We’ve compiled a few of our favourite apps below to help you get started:



This app is great for both losing fat and gaining weight, depending on what your goals are. You’re able to check your progress in graphs, making motivation easier when you’re able to see it. The app will give you recommendations and you can share your food with other users – so you get advice from people just like you!


Calorie Counter – FDDB Extender

The Calorie Counter offers a range of features that are useful in the long-term. You’re able to synchronize your food diary – making it easily accessible at all times for when you’re on-the-go, and you can add favourites and it’ll give you a diet report! Add your own recipes and lists, set calorie goals and get detailed nutrition information!


Fitness Pal

This free app allows you to track various activities from your daily life and set fitness goals. It includes gym routines (with animations to help you along), a BMI calculator, diet plans, pedometer, workout logger and progress tracker! This app is available offline for when you’re not in a WiFi area (but you can always connect to the Zone Fitness WiFi in our clubs), which makes it perfect for travelling.



Track your progress easily with this app! One of our favourite features is that you can import recipes from the internet and track them. Save them while you’re browsing and save them for later when you’re cooking – it’ll tally up the calories for you so you know if you’re making a good choice! Connect with other users of the app to help motivate others and stay motivated – it’s great to have people to talk to who have been through a similar experience.


Calorie Calculator & Tracker

Receive tips on health and fitness, set challengers and reminders – for water intake or motivationals, see your weight loss progress, and keep track with your personal food diary. One of our favourite features is the Panic Button if you have a craving! This app will also give you a daily breakdown of your calories and nutrients and where they’re coming from so you can make better decisions in the future.


There’s no excuse to not have one of these handy companions with you at all times to keep you motivated and on-track with your goals! Find the right app for you and make it your new best friend. Finding other users of the app also helps a great deal, as you get firsthand experience and can share tips with one another. Best of luck from the Zone Team!

author: Zone Fitness