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Beast Mode Activated

The Beast Sensor: There are many fitness trackers on the market, most catering to those that enjoy their everyday cardio or who simply want to keep track of their activity and sleep throughout the day. These trackers involve everything from cycling to swimming to running. But what about those that want to break through their boundaries and lift heavier weights each time they go into the gym to sculpt out their “guns”.

There are those of us who go to gym religiously and we want a tracker to be able to tell us just how strong we are and how strong we are getting. It helps build our ego just that little bit more. For those of us that want to experience our inner Hulk, we now have the means.

The Beast Sensor is a tracker that allows us to follow the strength, power or speed of our weight lifting capabilities. The best part is that it is shown in real-time, as it happens. It also allows us the function of being able to review our performance during our breather between sets. It will supply suggestions to help improve you work-out.

This sensor will make you wonder if somehow Hercules hadn’t reached into the future, pulled this bad boy out and started hammering away at the old bench press.

The Beast Sensor is magnetic which makes it extremely practical as it can be used for a vast amount of different exercises, including own body weight exercises. It can be used by any IOS devices and any new Android devices.

With the Beast Sensor you need not only feel the pump anymore, but you get to see it and measure it as well.

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author: Zone Fitness