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Health Tracking Apps

Keeping track of your general wellbeing, not just fitness, can be difficult to incorporate into our busy schedules – between work and relationships. However, we’re lucky to live in a time where this can now be easily tracked straight from our cell phones, with little effort from us! There are numerous apps that enable us to fill in our activities, intake and goals for the day and they will personalise workouts, diets and more to simplify your life! We’ve set out some of our favourites below.

If you need someone to help motivate you to keep on the health track, S Health will act as your personal trainer! This app has a built-in tracker, so whether you’re running, hiking or walking, it’ll be able to track your progress. By entering in your daily intake of caffeine, water and food, it’ll help create a balanced lifestyle pattern for you. You can add or change goals and view intuitive charts that will help guide you there. Exercise programmes are also available, so give it a try!

Health Tracker enables you to keep an eye on the health of various aspects of your body in a fun, easy-to-understand way. It has a simple view, making it easy to open it up and take a quick look at your stats. You can track down fat, glucose, weight, blood pressure and more. You can use it to track your whole family, display your BMI and export reports of your data for your own use at a later stage.

30 Day Fit Challenges is the perfect app for those trying to change things up regularly but aren’t sure how to. The workouts intensify progressively over the 30 days, so you can build up your strength at a comfortable pace. It’s important to keep your muscles guessing by changing up your routine every so often, and these 30-day challenges will be suitable for all! There is a total of 24 challenges to choose from and you can share your progress with your friends via social media.

To keep track of your daily accomplishments in one simple, easy-to-use app, Fitbit could be the one for you. You can track daily goals, including calories burned and steps done over a distance. You can track your hikes and runs via GPS and track your heart rate throughout the day. Fill in your food intake to see if your calorie intake is lower or higher than your expenditure. Add additional activities such as yoga to include it in your daily count and compete with friends who also have the app by creating daily challenges with them!

Google Fit tracks your daily movements automatically. To keep you motivated and on-track, it keeps a real time progression of your day, giving you instant statistics. Once you set your personal goals, it’ll give you personalised recommendations and coaching to help you achieve those goals. You can also check your information from anywhere – use your phone, tablet or web to stay on top of your stats!

author: Zone Fitness