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Khabonina Qubeka Celebrity Diet

Khabonina has an impressive career in fitness and health. Starting at the tender age of 6 with dance, she then studied dance at Moving Into Dance after school, where she graduated with 9 distinctions! Since then, she has worked as a choreographer  for a number prestigious events, including the Channel O Music Video Awards and the 2008 South African Music Awards! She has featured as an actress on top shows, such as Rhythm City and Muvhango and works as a musician, when she started her music career with the group ‘Jika Majika’. Not only that, but she works as a motivational speaker, presenter, MC and works on community projects! So with her busy schedule, how does she stay fit and healthy? Read on to find out more!

To keep your skin hydrated and looking youthful, avocados are a wonderful source of good fats and biotin. You can also apply it topically to help hydrate skin. Another source of the good fats, Omega-3’s, is walnuts. They’ll add shine to your hair and keep your skin looking young.

For a cup of goodness each morning, green tea is loaded with polyphenols, which is amazing for your skin. Not only that, but Green tea extracts have been proven to burn calories, prevent ulcers, heart disease, as well as cancer!

Tomatoes rank highly on the recommended foods list, as they are easily accessible and have a range of benefits. Being high in antioxidants, they could help slow down cellular damage. Add them to sauces, salads, roasted vegetables or eat raw! Pomegranates are another source of antioxidants and can be applied topically – it could help produce collagen and speed healing!

Eggs are a good source of protein and they’re easy to cook. Simply boil them and add to a salad, have them for breakfast, or add it raw to your shake. Beans are also full of protein, and help aid skin cell and collagen regeneration.

For starters, she has a number of foods that she prefers to avoid when possible. Shellfish is one, as it is high in iodine, in turn leading to clogged pores and possible acne. Instead, try for fish, such as salmon, which helps improve your skin’s elasticity.  

Eating highly processed foods such as white bread, soda and sweets cause your blood pressure to spike. Inturn, your skin overproduces oil, clogging your pores and aging your skin!

Caffeine dehydrates your body, causing early aging and wrinkles. If you can’t do without your daily dose, you’ll need to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water to ensure you stay properly hydrated throughout the day. ‘

Consuming too much dairy can cause cystic breakouts. These breakouts are the underground blemishes that lie around the face, neck and chin area. When your body doesn’t agree with or takes in too much dairy, it gets rid of it through these blemishes. Try to only eat the minimum amount if you suffer from these blemishes.

Sugar is a huge food group to avoid! There are a number of foods that have a surprisingly high sugar content, so make sure you check all the labels before you buy! Too much sugar aids inflammation, which fuels acne if you have an issue with it!

author: Zone Fitness