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Dance for Fitness

Gym is not for everyone and that is okay. If you are the type that would rather walk than run, do it, if you want to swim rather than spend 30 minutes in the gym, that is also okay, but, there is no better option for dance. Even if you have two left feet and think you are not the best in Zumba, Hip Hop or Salsa, at Zone Fitness you need not to know to dance. Two left feet or not, dancing is fun and it’s a great form of exercise and that is why we offer dance classes in some of our clubs.

If you are wondering why you should take up dancing when you can’t, we have just the right answers for you. Here are our top reason why you should take up a dance class at Zone Fitness.

1. Improve your memory. Learning the steps of the choreography means you have to be aware and alert, most importantly remember. In essence, you will be training your brain through dance.

2. Be more flexible. You may not be able to do a full split but you will get close enough to. Movements of your will enable you to coordinate your body better.

3. Strengthen your heart. Decrease the risks of cardiovascular disease and learn to get your breathing right while you are in the moment.

4. Lose weight. You may not be aware of it, but it’s a really fun way to lose weight without having to hit the treadmill. You will be moving therefore, you will be sweating.

5. Changes your mood. You may have had a bad day that got you in a funky mood, dance can cheer you right up.

6. Fun way to workout. If you don’t like the intense workouts, dance is going to be easy and fun.

7. Learn a different genre. All you know is your two step and your side step when you have to dance, with a dance class you will be able to learn how to really move.

8. Boost your confidence. You will be out of your comfort zone, but a dance can help you let go and be more comfortable in your body and class.

9. Get a new hobby. It may actually surprise you how much you will learn to love dancing.

10. Improve your health. You will be working out without having to actually exercise. Dance requires you to use your whole body in movement, therefore, you are essentially exercising.

Upgrade your membership to Super Club and you will be able to get stepping in any Zone Fitness club that offers dance classes. If you want to see if your club offers any dance classes, visit our website search for your club and check out the timetable to see if there are any dance classes available. Put on those dance shoes and make your way to one of our studios for a dance class. Make new friends, have fun, most importantly stay healthy.

author: Zone Fitness