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Best apps to help stop smoking

It is very difficult for smokers to just quit smoking, even going cold turkey is a challenge. If you ever wonder when the right time to quit is, the answer is now. With so many apps available to count your steps, calculate the distance you run, the number of steps you take, now there are apps for iPhone and Android phones that will help you quit smoking. We have found some of the best apps you can use to help you quit smoking, there were so many but we narrowed them down to this top 5.


Quit Smoking (Android)

This app customises a step by step programme for you that compares your smoking pattern to the statistics of other users. Quit Smoking gradually helps you quit cigs a day at a time. You are also able to track your daily cigarette consumption and manage your cravings.


Quit Now (Android)

If numbers scare you then this app will work for you. Quit Now gives you all the stats you need such as the number of cigarettes you smoke during the day, how much time has lapsed since your last smoked and the time added to your life. Not only does it make those calculations for you but it also gives you stats from the U.N world health Organisation.


Live Strong My Quit Coach (iPhone)

The doctor approved app allows you to quit smoking the way that you want and suits your lifestyle. Personalise your journey to quitting, gradually decrease your intake of nicotine or go cold turkey, you have the power to set up your programme how you like.


Stop smoking Cigarettes Now (iPhone)

Keep tally of cigarettes you have not smoked on the day, the app will total the tally and give you a calculation of how much money have saved during that day. It also gives you a tally of the health improvements you have made over time, but what is even better is that it gives you motivational messages from other people who are also trying to quit smoking. You are able to join a community forum to help you in your journey of good health.


Quit Pro (iPhone & Android)

There are certain situations that will trigger your craving to smoke and one of these triggers could be stress. Quit Pro helps you understand these triggers and why you smoke, the times you smoke during the week and when you have the worst cravings. Like most of these apps they help you track the number of cigarettes you have either smoked or avoided and the health progression you have made.


author: Zone Fitness