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Celeb Father-and-Sons

Looking to celebs is a terrible trap that many of us fall into, considering the state of most of their lives. In many ways, I resent this 21st Century mentality, but when it comes to fitness I will look wherever inspiration may be found. Many use the excuse of having families and kids for them not working out, but let’s have a look at old Arnie and some other famous dads with their sons, who have resolved this very real problem for most of us, by making workouts a father-son affair.


Mini-terminators in training
For Arnold Schwarzenegger, training, working out, building muscle and becoming fit, is more than just a physical activity. He attributes his success in these areas to not only being committed physically, but also mentally and by cultivating self-confidence. Arnold is well known for the fact that he’s made use of visualisation techniques in his training, giving a whole new meaning to “seeing is believing”. As a father, Arnie is committed to passing down his knowledge, techniques and skills to his sons, and this is evident by pictures taken recently of him coaching and training with both Patrick and Joseph.

Arnold with son Patrick on his 22nd birthday. Patrick was woken up at 7 am with a surprise workout session at the gym.
Arnie and son

Arnold with son Joseph at a gym in Venice Beach
Arnie and son 2


David Beckham and son make working out their goal
David Beckham has been teaching his son, Brooklyn, the importance of getting and staying fit. The 17-year old has been spotted recently showing off some serious muscle. His father has long since instilled in his oldest son the importance of getting and remaining fit. Brooklyn definitely takes after his father who hits the gym almost every day.

Father and son after their workout session in Los Angeles
David and Brooklyn


Brooklyn showing some serious muscle – he is definitely his father’s son


Rob Lowe with his son, John
Rob is a father extraordinaire who values spending quality time with his son, John. The dreamy duo loves to go fishing but equally loves pumping some iron at the gym.

Father and son spending some bro time at the gym
rob lowe


author: Zone Fitness