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Father and Son

Running around between work and other obligations, you’ll find that it’s at times difficult to squeeze in that extra hour or two for the ones we love. Your running doesn’t have to be futile, though. Why not run on over to the gym and bring your dad along for some much-needed quality time and a great workout!

Here are our 3 favourite workouts that you and Papa Bear can enjoy together:

  1. Lethal Edge MMA Training
    The Zone Fitness Bellville branch offers Lethal Edge MMA Training, which includes MMA, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, K1, Boxing and Kids Karate! This is perfect for a great, sweat-busting father-son workout. Lethal Edge caters for all fitness levels, from beginners to the most advanced, with classes that will suit the needs and requirements of both you and your dad. Why not make it an all-guy family affair, and bring your own sons to train karate with Lethal Edge while you and your dad fight it out in the ring!


  1. Quick 20-Minute Total Body Workout
    This Total Body Workout consists of two circuits with cardio in between, and with Adam Rosante as trainer, this workout will give you and your old man everything you dreamed of from a session! You and your dad can hop on over to any of your Zone Fitness clubs to enjoy 20 minutes of pure sweat and bonding time.


  1. Bob Harper’s Fat-Blasting Workout
    Bob Harper, best known as the presenter from The Biggest Loser, managed to stay trim and help hundreds of people get rid of their unwanted extra weight. You and Daddy Dearest can commit to this fat-blasting workout by heading over to your nearest Zone Fitness club and get started on your training.


Father-son bonding time is so precious, and in this fast-paced world that we live in, often a scarce and valuable commodity. With you being pulled in all directions, why not combine your time with Dad with your time at the gym. Not only will you spend much-needed quality time, but both of you will manage to get in a great workout session! At Zone Fitness, we not only care about your health and fitness, we care about your family too.

author: Zone Fitness