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Ladies: You Can Build Muscle Too

The ultimate goal for any woman who hits the gym is to build lean muscle, tone and stay in shape. Building muscle isn’t a bad thing. In fact, when a magazine describes a woman as lean, they’re really saying that she has muscle.

Muscle building can make you look good and feel great. And if you’re ready to invest time in the gym, here’s what to bear in mind.

Muscle isn’t the same for men and women  

Muscle in men and women presents itself differently. Because women produce a fraction of the testosterone, they’ll never achieve the same level of muscle mass, and it’s only female bodybuilders who strive to perfect that look.

Chances are — if you’re a normal, gym-going woman, you’ll be building muscle while cutting fat, giving you the toned cover model look.

Keep it simple

If you’re new to the gym, keep it simple. You need to get your body used to the stress of lifting weights. Do not go too heavy – keep it light. You need to do this to prepare yourself for more heavy strenuous lifting. Since your body is new to concept of lifting, it will respond quickly. Keep track of the changes for motivation!

Focus on form, not weight

This is a crucial stage of “teaching” your body how to handle the weight you’re lifting.

If you’re using a machine, keep your back flat against the bench or pack bad. If you’re using the leg press, don’t hyperextend your legs. The trick is not to put any weight on your joints but rather the muscle. Your joints are not equipped to carry weight — but your muscles are.

Remember to rest

People overlook this crucial step too often: getting rest is paramount. It’s good to be motivated but resting is part of the process. Try and take at least one day between each gym session. If you’ve just started out, take a few more. In order to become lean, your muscles need to recover. Always feel well-rested when you enter the gym.

Start off gently, copy the methods of others and ask for advice if you’re unsure. Building muscle is a crucial step on the road to achieving the body of your dreams.

author: Zone Fitness