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5 reasons you should exercise with your partner

February is the month of love, but a strong relationship is built over many years. Sure, February 14 is a good opportunity to express your affection for your loved one, but if you’re serious about that person, you should lay the groundwork for a healthy relationship from the start. Our advice? Get out and exercise together, as it’s one of the very best ways of overcoming insecurities and solidifying your bond.


  1. You overcome insecurities

Few people look the best when they’re red-faced and sweating, and you know what, that’s fine. Exercising with a love interest helps you to leave those insecurities at the door – for the pair of you.


  1. You’ll fight less often

The minute you get in shape, get fit, and start burning fat, you’re naturally calmer, happier and releasing feel-good endorphins. Exercise is a great way of releasing frustration the natural way and you’ll find yourself letting trivial irritations slide.


  1. Cheat days are more fun

There’s nothing better than tucking into something unhealthy when you’re sticking to a strict exercise regime, and it’s doubly rewarding when you’re doing it with someone you love. In the same way shelving bad habits is easier in company, an eating plan is all the more fun with your paramour at your side.


4.You have motivation to work out

The number one barrier to getting fit is you. And yes, so many of us have the intention to shed fat and get in shape – going so far as to buy a gym membership – only to fail to make it work.

But working out with a loved one neatly circumnavigates the temptation to miss workout sessions. Now, you’re not only letting down yourself, but someone you care about too.


  1. You’ve got more… energy

Energy is the elixir of life, whether we’re at work or home. You’ll find yourself far more energetic and willing to do more with your partner. And that includes when the lights go out…


author: Zone Fitness