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Use outfits that stretch and don’t limit your movement

It may seem obvious, but one of the necessities to a successful gym session is being comfortable. And we don’t just mean with your body. This refers to your workout gear. We are often told that when you look good you feel good, but this can work both ways, especially in the world of fitness. Your outfit needs to be breathable, lightweight and absorb moisture well.

Firstly, decipher what makes you feel comfortable when you work out; do you prefer to wear loose clothes or tighter fitting clothes that allow you to see your muscles when working out? Figuring this out will make it easier to choose the right material and style to wear. You can also take a look at what you are doing that day. If you are using the treadmill, you shouldn’t wear anything that will cause irritation to your legs or get caught on the pedal. If you are doing BodyFlow classes, you might want to consider clothing that doesn’t move around too much when changing positions and clothing that stretches well so as to not constrict your poses.

Wearing stretchy clothing is essential to getting the most out of your workout. It lets you move freely to reach new positions and won’t cause any distractions for you. Wearing uncomfortable clothing just means you’ll be thinking about how uncomfortable you are the whole time, especially if you form blisters or chafing, we’ve all been there and this makes it almost impossible to continue a workout!

Look for certain fabrics for your gear, for example, the Dri-Fit technology is amazing to work out in. Clothing that provides wicking will help immensely on those hot summer days. This wicking technology draws the sweat away from your skin – giving you more space to breathe and keep cool. Lycra, spandex, polyester and polypropylene is great for stretching materials. This works well for more heavy-duty exercises where you plan to sweat a lot, such as aerobics or an intense weights workout. Wearing cotton is suggested for lighter activities, such as stretching or walking. The issue with cotton is that it soaks up sweat and clings to your body, making it feel heavy and uncomfortable. However, cotton socks are great for a workout as they are soft on the feet and provide comfort, lessening your chances of blisters.

Keep in mind when choosing workout clothes that you need to feel confident in them, first and foremost (this will help boost your motivation to workout), you need to be able to move accordingly in them, and they should be light and breathable. The last step? Make the most of your exercise session!

author: Zone Fitness