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The benefits of exercising early in the morning

It’s bright, it’s early, and you can’t seem to get out of bed. The pinking screech of your 6AM alarm is fresh in your ears and you’d really like to get back to sleep.

Resist that temptation, because a good workout first thing in the morning can be just the tonic you need to have the best day possible.

Don’t believe us? Here are a few reasons why.

Testosterone is at its peak

According to Men’s, testosterone “soars in the AM when levels are a third higher.” If you’re a would-be weight lifter wanting to get results, your body is in the perfect condition to get muscle gain.

Exercising on an empty stomach can burn fat fast

We write about this very subject in another article in this month’s newsletter, but here’s the takeaway. Exercising on an empty stomach is a very good way of burning not only the glycogen stored from last night’s meal, but the fat stored in your body as well. When glycogen stores are depleted, the body moves on to burning fat, accelerating weight loss in the process. Just be sure not to overeat throughout the day.

It’s a very good way of protecting yourself from diabetes

This one’s courtesy of, who report that hitting the gym on an empty stomach guards against glucose intolerance and insulin resistance, the telltale signs of type 2 diabetes. Working off a report by the Journal of Physiology, Shape writes that exercising on an empty stomach not only keeps weight away, but improves your reaction to glucose and your sensitivity to insulin.

Your mood will improve

There are countless studies that show the correlation between exercise and mood, and the almost instantaneous effects it can have. More and more reports are emerging urging people to steer clear of medication until they’ve explored the effects a rigorous morning workout can have on their health. And for everyday people who simply want to feel better at work, exercise significantly reduces stress and improves one’s sense of wellbeing.

Of course, that’s not to say that workouts in the evening or afternoon are wrong. Getting your gym-time in when the sun is going down will likely deter you from drinking alcohol and can improve your sleep, while after-hours exercise is a favourite of some of the world’s best athletes. Floyd Mayweather famously doesn’t get out of bed until 2PM, and doesn’t hit the gym until some hours after that, while Usain Bolt is similarly enchanted with late-night workouts.

One is not better than the other – what’s important is that you get to the gym at all. All the same, with the benefits of morning workouts clear for all to see, we suggest you set that alarm clock a little earlier next time!


author: Zone Fitness