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Boxing 101

Boxing 101

Good news: with the rising popularity of the sport and its ability to promote a healthy cardiovascular routine, we’ve brought boxing to the Zone Fitness fraternity. As of September, we are unrolling Boxing4Fitness at select Zone Fitness gyms, and will be expanding this to other clubs in the near future.

In honour of this development, we decided to take a look at the art-form that is boxing.


What is boxing’s history like?

Boxing as we know it was turned into a proper sport in the United Kingdom courtesy of the Marquess of Queensberry’s rules in 1876, but it was practised long before that, gaining widespread popularity in Ancient Greece and being included in the 23rd Olympiad in 688 B.C.

The sport has come a long way since its genesis and today is dubbed the “Sweet Science,” a nod to the refinements and subtleties elite boxers need to learn. The best exponents of the craft has mastered it to such a fine point they can step into a ring, throw punches and almost never take any damage in return.


What are the benefits?

Boxers are some of the fittest athletes on earth. At the elite level, they’re capable of fighting for 12 rounds at 3-minute a piece with with a single minute’s rest between each take. It’s hard to communicate just how physically draining that is – until you try the requisite training for yourself. From the weight of the actual gloves to the constant need to move, boxing will give you cardiovascular gains within weeks.


Who are some of the best boxers to do it?

Even if you’ve never watched a boxing match before, you’ve likely heard of its most famous laureate: Muhammad Ali. Ali was not just an extraordinary fighter (he amassed 56 victories, a mere 5 defeats, and the title of Heavyweight Champion of the World several times over) he was also a spirited campaigner who outwardly opposed the Vietnam War and helped change race relations in America. Ali’s place in sporting history was cemented long before his death in 2016.

But though Ali is boxing’s most famous exponent, he’s not the sport’s best exponent. Ali took too much damage in his career – and too many losses, though five isn’t very many – to earn the honour. In many people’s eyes, the best boxer is Floyd Mayweather Jr, 40 years old and recently retired from fighting. His 50th career victory came against mixed martial artist Conor McGregor, a fight boxing pundits derided, but which has helped the sport reach fresh, untold heights.

Mayweather is a controversial figure who has been to jail for misdemeanor assault and owns a strip club called the Girl Collection. But whatever you think of his antics out of the ring, he’s arguably the slickest ever exponent of the Sweet Science.

Be sure to join Boxing4Fitness at either our Bellville, Parow, Promenade or Square clubs. Or, if you’re a member of another Zone Fitness gym, stay tuned to our newsletter and social media channels as we roll out this scheme further.

author: Zone Fitness