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Protein Powder

Tips for choosing the best protein powder for you

Before deciding on a protein powder for you, you need to ask yourself: what fitness goal are you trying to achieve? Once you have the answer to this, making your choice of protein powder will be much easier.

These days there are protein powders to suit every need, whether you’re looking to improve your sports performance, working towards overall fitness or would simply like to lose weight there is protein powder for you.


Here’s how to choose the best powder that matches your fitness goal:


Weight loss

If you are looking to drop a few kilos, look for a protein powder that is low in calories and high in protein and has no added sugar or sweeteners made from starch. The best-suited protein powder for weight loss is said to be egg and casein protein powders.

Gain muscle

For building muscle, choose a protein powder that has a high biological value. Whey protein is known to be the best as it digests fast and rapidly builds muscle, it also contains small proteins which increase blood flow to the muscles.

Vegetarian/Vegan options

Don’t choose any milk-based protein powders like whey and milk proteins, instead look at those that are plant proteins. Rice and hemp protein are both 100% plant proteins – rice protein is gluten-free and hemp protein is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Soy protein reduces high cholesterol, helps with osteoporosis and eases symptoms of menopause.

Have a budget

We all know protein powders aren’t cheap and it would be an expensive mistake to make when buying the wrong powder for you. So before investing in a powder, look at which will work the best for you.

author: Zone Fitness