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Choosing the perfect pair of Bluetooth earphones

Apple’s decision to part with the traditional headphone jack left the market wide open for innovations in the wireless ear- and headphone sector.

As was the case with traditional earphones, the choice is much more complicated than merely choosing between earphones and headphones. So, before you dismiss the idea of Bluetooth earphones or headphones completely, just because you don’t want something extra to charge, have a look at our guide to choosing the perfect Bluetooth solution to your active ear- and headphone needs.

According to Tech Radar, the best true wireless earphones, don’t even have a wire connecting the two earpieces and because the market for these is constantly shifting and expanding, it is quite difficult to find the perfect pair for you.

Tip #1 – Take some time to think about what and when you are listening

Our very first tip would be to take into account when you would be using the earphones or headphones. If you are looking to use them while commuting or when you are jogging or working out, the truth is that, according to the NY Times, you probably won’t be as focused on the nuances of the sound.

With 7-hour battery life, supreme sound and noise isolating lift, the Skullcandy Method Bluetooth Sport earphones at Takealot for R699 at time of publication would be a good option.

Tip #2 – Stick to your budget

Once you’ve spent some time determining the circumstances of your ear- and headphone uses, it is time to think about what you’d ideally like to spend and in doing so, avoid spending too much. Watch out for manufacturer’s bells and whistles that have very little to do with your actual listening experience warns the NY Times.

The Polaroid Bluetooth Speaker headphone is a bestseller on Takealot, and at only R315 at time of publication, is one of the best options on the market.

Tip #3 – Choose sweat resistant when heading to the gym

Studies show that an average person sweats around 700 millilitres to 1300 millilitres per exercise. Therefore, choosing earphones or headphones that can endure that amount of sweat is crucial.

As far as sporty sweat-resistant earphones go, Wirecutter ranks the Jaybird X3 as durable, with good sound quality. They are available on Takealot for more or less R2 000 at time of publication.

author: Zone Fitness