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How to Detox with Technology

We are all aware of a digital detox, how time away from your gadgets and apps can help improve your mental state. But what about incorporating your technology in your lives to make you happier and healthier?
Here is the list of top apps to help you detox.

Viridian 7 Day Sugar Detox

We all know of the dangers of sugar, but stopping the habit is so much more difficult than we’d like it to be. Luckily, the Viridian 7 Day Sugar Detox app supports us every step of the way, with meal planners, tips and encouragement. It even lets you track your progress and tell you exactly how much sugar you are consuming.

Ready to cut out sugar? Get the Viridian 7 Day Sugar Detox app here.

Detox Your Body

This app has it all, from explaining the different detox diets to all the benefits that can be gained from them. There is a lot of information on this app, including the ground rules that should be followed to safely complete a detox.

The Detox Your Body has very clean and easy-to-use interface; and is available for download here.

Detox Drinks

The Detox Drinks app focuses on the need for healthy drinks that will fuel and cleanse your body. The app works by introducing you to a number of fruits, vegetables and herbs that can be used to decrease inflammation; and provide you with the proper nutrients your body needs.

This app has many categories of healthy drinks, that can be prepared to reduce inflammation, promote skin health, aid weight loss, remove toxins and boost energy.
Why not download the app right here.

Detox Me

This app works in a slightly different way; instead of focusing on the food that you eat (or don’t eat), it focuses on your environment. It makes you aware of the hidden toxins in your home, provides you with DIY recipes to replace commercial products that may be toxic and harmful to your family, and enables you to track your progress and share your tips with family and friends. The app has six different categories with home, food and drink, clothing, personal care, cleaning and children.

If you’re ready to get your body and home healthy and toxin free, download the Detox Me app here.

author: Zone Fitness