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Why Self Love is so Important To Your Fitness Journey

Prior to starting a fitness regimen, it is common to list out external changes that you are looking to achieve. You could be trying to tone up, achieve that six pack or build up those arms. Now, don’t get us wrong – Setting such goals is not the problem. There are so many other factors to consider. When setting goals, what is your mindset? Do you affirm for yourself that you are beautiful? Do you love your body? Most importantly, do you love yourself?  

It is so important for each of us to know that we are beautiful and unique. We were each specifically HANDCRAFTED. From the shape of our noses and the color of our skin to our birthmarks and sound of our voices. Your true beauty comes from within. If you do not believe this about yourself, it will be more difficult to accept who you are on the outside, no matter how hard train in the gym. The way you think about your body has a huge effect on the actions you take. Finding total peace with your body is not easy, but it is ACHIEVABLE. 


  • Speak KINDLY to yourself. What you say and think about yourself is important. Speak love to yourself. If that means doing it alone in the mirror, do it! 
  • Say GOODBYE to comparisons. Each body is different. Each journey is different. As they say, “comparison kills”.  Let’s be real. Our lives will not match up 100% to each other.
  • Find an accountability buddy. Surround yourself with friends that can hold you accountable. You can also use social media by maybe creating a separate, self-love and fitness account, blogging about your experiences or joining a specific facebook group.
  • RELAX. Self-care is crucial. 

If you do not express love to yourself and how you are in the present, you will have a hard time achieving fitness goals in the future. As much as we make it a priority to go to gyn or to do a meal prep for the full week, we need to also be prioritizing self-love and activities that will provide inner peace and growth. By adopting this frame of mind, we can achieve more than we thought possible. You were made to be YOU, so stay strong. You are wonderful and IMPERFECT PERFECT.


author: Zone Fitness