Make the most of your lunch break with time-saving workout tips from Tesco

Keep it short

A short, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout is the best option for your lunch hour. It burns fat, tones you up and raises your fitness levels, plus you’ll have time to cool off afterwards.

Choose your workout, e.g. burpees, and power through them for one minute, pushing yourself as must as possible, then rest for 30 seconds before starting again.

Go outdoors

Running a few laps around the local park is a great way to blow away the cobwebs. Or try brisk walking for 30 minutes – just enough to get slightly out of breath.

You could also do a little resistance work at an outdoor gym.

Cool down quickly

You don’t have to return to your desk in a sweaty mess. Finish your workout with a few minutes to spare so you’ve got time to cool off.

Run your wrists under cold water to cool your pulse points and chew some minty gum, which naturally cools your body down.

Wash and go

You might have mastered the speed shower, but drying off quickly is a whole other issue. Wet wipes are handy if there’s no time for a full wash, cooling you down and getting rid of sweat smells.

Baby powder is another fast option – it soaks up moisture and leaves you feeling clean and fresh. Finish with a glass of cold water.

Eat a good lunch

Packing a healthy meal the night before will mean you’ve got something yummy and balanced to keep you motivated and full of energy.

Try a protein-packed noodle salad with chicken, eggs and veggies, or go meatless with lentils and tofu.