July is a special month for our country with the very special birthday celebration of our nation’s hero, Nelson Mandela. Every year on 18 July, we are reminded that the fight for freedom is ongoing and that it is in everyone’s power to contribute to his fight for what is good and right. In remembrance of Madiba’s 67 years of service to our country, our Zone clubs devoted 67 minutes to the good fight!

Zone Mitchell’s Plain payed a visit to the child care centre Baitul Ansaar geared with groceries and cupcakes. They also arranged a jumping castle for the children to brighten up their day.  


We also decided that a 67-minute core burn is in order and suited with our matching orange Mandela Day t-shirts we had a blast doing some intense workouts with our members


The Zone Fitness Team on Kloof made a few hearts happy at the Company Gardens where they handed out hotdogs and juiced to those in need. They also incorporated the celebrations into their core burn class where members had to do an exercise that started with each letter of Mandela’s name. Core exercises got a new meaning to it and everyone had a great time.

Zone Bellville made their way to the Irish Children’s Home Hospice in Stikland where they spent 67 minutes cleaning horse saddles. They also had a class at the Zone club where members had to do 67 reps per exercise for six different exercises.

Our Cape Quarter and St. Georges Mall Zone clubs came together to make a change in the mother city. They handed out sandwiches and juice and had a great time coming together to celebrate the birthday of Nelson Mandela.