How Do You Workout When You Have No Time?

No Time To Exercise Because You Work Too Much? Do you struggle to make time for the gym? We don’t blame you. It is extremely difficult to make time for exercise when you work full-time. Keep reading for 5 tips on how to make time for exercise, even with an 80-hour workweek.  How Do You Workout When...


5 Tips To Spring Back Into Fitness

Now that winter is winding down, you may be itching to get back outside and get moving. Spring is an ideal time to get back to exercise. It’s important to prepare your body for activity, especially if frigid temps kept you glued to the couch all season, otherwise you run the risk of overdoing it. Th...


Goals: Let’s get honest

Your goals shouldn’t make you miserable. They should be an exciting challenge (would you even feel like you accomplished something if all of your goals were easy?) but they shouldn’t make you miserable. It’s an easy trap to fall into though, who doesn’t want to get to the end...


Adjusted Lockdown Level 3

The country moved to Adjusted Lockdown Level 3 on Monday 26 July 2021. What will change: All our Cape Town branches will close at 20:00 Monday to Friday until further notice. All Gauteng and Pretoria branches will revert to their normal operating times and close at 21:00 Monday to Thursday. Our capa...