Zone Fitness Best Mindfulness and Meditation Apps for Every Goal

Living in a tech-driven world has given us the opportunity to have a self-help library on our phones. With mindfulness and meditation growing in popularity, so have the apps made for it. These apps, however, are not about simply downloading it and doing it but rather a resource to helping you achieve your goals.

Before downloading a mindfulness or meditation app, first establish what you hope to gain from the app before using it. Here are a few apps we suggest to help you achieve your goals:


If you like nature and inspirational quotes, you’ll like Calm. Make use of their 10-minute guided meditations to help you focus on a specific theme or challenge like self-care, personal growth, anxiety, sleep, and more. They also have beautiful nature illustrations that fill your screen to make you feel extra calm.

If you struggle to fall asleep at night, Calm’s “Sleep Stories” will help ease you into a deep and natural sleep with a selection of narrated stories.

Get the app here: App Store or Google Play


Headspace is a great app if you are into quirky illustrations while learning how to meditate. Start off with their foundational course to get into the full swing of things and then move on to their “packs” which focus on themes like anxiety, kindness, creativity and more.

Best if you don’t have a lot of time during the day, as you can choose between three to twenty-minute sessions.

Get the app here: App Store or Google Play


Pacifica uses guided meditation sessions to help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. It also lets you set specific goals such as building confidence, being happier and living healthier. It also offers ways to track your mood, set goals and complete relaxation activities. It also has a group chat and discussions feature where you can talk to like-minded individuals and discuss a range of topics such as divorce, sexual assault, and pregnancy. There are clear rules about acceptable behaviour.

A great app if you want to share your experiences and need some outside support.

Get the app here: App Store or Google Play


Shine sends you daily texts with a fresh take on how you can own your day. Check in daily to log what you feel grateful for. Listen to audio tracks that are a cross between traditional meditation and personalised coaching to help with everything from friendships, work, love and more.

This app is perfect if you need some R & R and need to reflect and learn some self-love.

Get the app here: App Store or Google Play