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So you’ve been thinking of quitting sugar? With a ton of information going around these days, it can be a daunting task finding a reliable source, sharing their experiences in an honest, truthful way. But luckily for us, a few celebrities have been speaking up about exactly what it means to give it up sugar, and what the biggest hurdles were in overcoming their own sugar addiction.


British diva, Adele, has been very open about tackling her food obsessions head-on since 2015. In 2014 she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant with her firstborn. After several complications during the birth and a subsequent struggle to manage her weight, Adele quit sugar to improve her energy levels for her world tour.

One of the biggest changes that she made was simply having her tea without sugar. When drinking more or less ten cups of tea a day, and taking two sugars per cup she eliminated twenty sugars a day!


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Kourtney Kardashian

In 2017, reality star Kourtney Kardashian became fed up with her battle with cellulite. She found a direct correlation between the emergence of cellulite and her sugar intake. She has also spoken candidly about how her sugar consumption increased her sugar cravings and that breaking that chain has been key in her journey to a healthier lifestyle.

To avoid taking unnecessary sugars, she steers clear of all sodas and rather opts for water. She also does not consume a lot of alcohol, as many cocktails contain hidden sugars in juices and are also high in calories.


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Kate Hudson

Everyone’s favourite girl-next-door, Kate Hudson, recently gave birth to her third child. She has also in recent years been establishing herself as a guru on healthy living and lifestyle choices. She highlights the addictive nature of sugar and speaks about how her body craves a sugar fix at approximately at 4 pm, just in time for the late afternoon lull.

Furthermore, Hudson follows a high-alkaline diet where she avoids dairy, gluten and acidic foods like meat; and opts for nuts, tofu, fruit and vegetables instead. Her recent book release, Pretty Happy, addresses this and other healthy lifestyle choices.


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Alec Baldwin

In 2016, movie star Alec Baldwin saved his health by losing 30 pounds and all he did was quit sugar and carbs. Baldwin, who was already a pescetarian, found himself packing on the pounds despite cutting out meat and other animal products. Together with cutting out sugar and carbs, he also started a strict a mix of pilates and yoga, which resulted in his consequent weight loss.

Giving up sugar was not all fun and games. Baldwin describes those first four weeks as “pushing a toboggan along a track to eventually get down the slope the first couple weeks”. Currently, he limits his sugar intake to some fruits, and actually just tries to stick to berries.


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