Zone Fitness Choosing the Perfect Workout Towel

How do you choose a workout towel? The unsung hero of the everyday workout, we don’t spend nearly enough time considering our options when it comes to workout towels.

Gym towels are super important, not only because they minimise the spread of germs, they also keep you feeling clean and cool. As all towels are created differently, there is almost a science to choosing the perfect towel. Here are a few things to consider.


When choosing the ultimate workout towel, it would be best to go for cotton. Not only do cotton fibres dry very quickly, they are also very absorbent. If you go to the gym regularly, you will need a towel that can be cleaned easily; and for this very reasons, cotton is a perfect choice.


The most important function of a gym towel is its absorbency, to soak up the excess sweat during your exercise. So, what makes a towel absorbent? The loops within the weave of the towel fabric allow the towel to absorb water or sweat – the more loops, the stronger the absorbency. While a very old, threadbare towel won’t absorb at all, a full-on bath towel would be too absorbent – go for something in the middle.


The perfect workout towel is somewhere in-between between too light and too heavy. Although a lighter towel is easier to carry around in the gym, it may not be strong enough to withstand regular washing. A heavier towel is more durable, but due to its weight, you will have trouble drying the towel and moisture, as well as bacteria will get trapped in the fibre.

Caring for your workout towel

Choosing a workout towel does not end with the purchase – caring for the towel forms a crucial part of the process. First of all, workout towels need to be washed after every use. As gym towels tend to retain bacteria, odors, and fungi, it is important to add it to the wash.

When washing your workout towel, do not add fabric softener, as the silicon in fabric softener tends to hinder your towels absorbency. And if you absolutely have to add it, just use a little bit to avoid losing too much absorbency. Another nice tip for washing your towels is to add baking soda to your detergent to keep your towels soft and fresh. It will also help loosen the fibers and remove odors that often build up in workout towels.