I think we can all agree that the festive season is a time for indulgence. It’s a time to treat ourselves to a proper feast and enjoy one too many celebratory drinks. The only thing is, when the New year hits us, our bodies take its toll from all the junk consumed over the holiday period. While our body naturally detoxes through our lungs, liver, kidneys, lymph glands and skin; when under stress it needs all the help it can get. And this is where exercise comes in!

Why exercise?

Exercise is a great way to get the body moving and to ensure it performs optimally. During exercise we breathe in oxygen with our lungs which zooms straight to the brain and muscles, increasing their capacity and strength. The converted carbon dioxide waste is then effectively expelled. Our blood flow and circulation is also more efficient in the process. Not to mention, our digestive system works better and more consistent at getting rid of waste. Our skin is cleansed through perspiration as we work up a proper sweat, eliminating toxins in the process. Toxins tend to huddle in our fatty tissue, so exercise is a great way to reduce the amount of fatty tissue and in turn toxins, in our bodies.

Let’s look at the type of exercise to help detox the body:

Gentle, low-intensity exercise are just what you need to get your body moving, heart pumping, lungs breathing effectively and fat burning!

Take a look at this perfect detox workout plan to spark your body back into action:

Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise each day of the week.

Day 1:

Start off your detox journey with a gentle yoga class at the gym.

These yoga poses are great to detoxify the body, leaving you feeling cleaner and more energised:

  • “Revolving Chair Pose” – this position is just what you need to get the liver, spleen and digestive system doing its thing. Best of all you can tone up those stomach muscles while you’re at it!
  • “Eagle Pose” -this firm pose allows deeper circulation, which helps detoxify the blood and lymph system.
  • “Sage Twist Pose” – this yoga twist is great to get the digestive system moving.
  • “Forearm Wheel” – this chest-opening exercise works wonders at getting your metabolism going and helps eliminate congested waste in the body.
  • “Arm Balance” – this extended pose is a miracle worker when it comes to relieving acid reflux and ingestion.
  • “Eagle Headstand Pose” – this inverted head pose drains the lymph, leaving your body wonderfully cleansed.
Day 2:

Hit the gym for some LISS Cardio. So what is LISS Cardio? This Low-Intensity Steady State cardio, allows you to maintain a slow and steady low-intensity pace during your training. A great way to get back into fitness, a LISS workout gets more oxygen in the body and helps your body metabolise fat!

Here are some examples of LISS Cardio exercises, which you need to include in your workout routine:

  • Go for a moderate walk
  • Take a spin on the spin-cycle bike
  • Try out the rowing machine
  • Give the cardio equipment at the gym a go
Day 3:

Let’s bring in the weights. We recommend looking to Kayla Itsines for inspiration to help outline your gym programme. In your first circuit you can do 15 reps of leg presses and sit squats, 24 (12 per side) figure 8 lunges and 20 outward snap jumps. Then in circuit 2 you can do 15 reps of barbell close squats, 16 single leg presses, 15 weighted sumo squats and 50 mountain climbers. For a full 28 minute workout, repeat both circuits.

Day 4:

Give mixed interval and steady-state cardio a try. Do 10 reps of each exercise, namely burpees, pushes and crunches in three circuits; then repeat once more.

Day 5:

Run on the treadmill or try out a dance class to get your blood pumping and lungs breathing.

Day 6:

It’s time for more Kayla Itsines, and this time we are going to try her free 28 minute full-bodied strength training. Take a look HERE.

Day 7:

End the week in full circle with some more yoga or try out a new gym glass.