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34-year old presenter and comedian, Nina Hastie, rose from the ashes of drug and alcohol addiction and rape abuse. Now she celebrates 5 years of being sober and is inspiring other woman in the same situations!

She suffered from severe depression and anxiety. Nina Hastie lost her car, her house and her family. But now 5 years later, she has a new lease on life.

It was hard for Nina to overcome her struggles, but she woke up one day and decided it’s time to take her life back; and she did! She is now one of the most successful female comedians South Africa has to offer.

Sharing her life story

Nina Hastie is open about her life story because by sharing her story, she can inspire woman who are stuck in their bad decisions, to take their life back into their hands. In an inspiring interview with Pearl Modiadie’s talk show, Zaziwa, She shares how woman need to know that they are allowed to live, no matter what happened in their past and that they have the power to take their life back when a bad decision derails their success in life.
Her fair share of life’s difficulties has not only made her wiser, but she has grown as a person after her journey of recovery and healing.

Let’s get inspired by her road to recovery

Her power of recovery are all thanks to her positive mentality. Nina stated “Dear Body, you don’t have to hurt to know you’re alive. You are beautiful. You are enough. You exist and that is a miracle,” this inspiring words is something that any woman can live by.