At Zone Fitness nwe think exercising with friends is one of the best ways to get fit.

That’s why we’re reintroducing group training sessions at our Durbanville gym from 9 October onwards.

What’s on the agenda? You can look forward to yoga, fight nights and bums and tums.



What better way to unwind after a long day than through the practise of yoga? Enrich the mind and help the body relax with guided yoga sessions perfect for girls and guys.


Fight Night

With the popularity of boxing on the rise – and its cardiovascular benefits clear to see – we’re set to introduce boxing classes to the Durbanville fraternity, following on the heels of Bellville, Parow, Promenade and Square.

These sessions are designed for exponents of all ages and levels and you can look forward to an intense 45-minute cardiovascular workout.


Bums and Tums

For the ladies looking to tone in all the right places, this group session targets those hard-to-hone areas and features functional bodyweight exercises to get the results you’re after.

So, Durbanville: get ready to jump into the zone. Group training is kicking off and you don’t want to miss it.