It’s almost that time of the year again where South Africans prepare themselves to get the best deals and many of us will hit the shops to do some shopping on Black Friday. 

With this being said we will give you the best advice on how you can do some dynamic warm-up sessions that you can use for the upcoming Black Friday rush. 

Here’s why dynamic stretching is ideal during a warm-up routine and will help you to do your shopping with a breeze for Black Friday:

  • It activates muscles you will use during your workout. 
  • Dynamic stretching improves range of motion
  • A dynamic warm-up routine can help you feel more limber.
  • Dynamic stretches improve body awareness, your balance and coordination
  • Warming up could increase flexibility so that you can reach for that item that if difficult to get to while doing your shopping

Give this dynamic warm-up session a try before the big Black Friday rush. You will thank your body.