My name is Elize Loots, I am a 55-year-old mother of two sons (ages: 27 & 23) and would like to share my transformation and experience with you.


Last year August 2015, I attended a wellness session at our workplace. There I was tested for the following; blood pressure, Blood sugar glucose level, etc.  I was grateful for the results and the tests showed I was 100% healthy.  I then realised how fortunate I was at this age to be healthy as I am but how will I maintain it? That is when I decided to change my lifestyle, to show I appreciate my health. On 10th August 2015, I decided to join the gym .  That same day I joined up with Zone Fitness, Cobble walk, Durbanville.


After attending the Cobble Walk Zone Fitness, I then contacted my son Marius, who is also a big fan of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, to tell him about my decision. He was so surprised about this great decision of mine.  Since that moment he motivated me all the way.


The first day I attended the gym I felt very awkward. This was my first time in a gym or seeing the inside of one.  I got some help and support from the gym instructors at Zone Fitness, they helped me with the exercise techniques and supported me a throughout the training session.


My experience since I joined the gym can’t be explained in words because so many things changed.  In the beginning, I was a very anxious person with depression, back ache and in some ways very negative about life.  As time went by, I was just busy getting better and improving every day.  My body fat dropped from 25% to 16% and all the pains were gone. My depression was gone and I feel so much more positive about life.  I feel like the happiest person ever.  I just want to live life to the fullest every day. I feel so motivated and so good about myself, not only in my looks and body but in my soul. The results are a story on its own.


A big thank you to the fitness instructors at Zone Fitness Cobble Walk.  For the team who always compliments and motivates me, it means a lot to me.


From now on I just want to grow stronger and improve even more.