Australian model, Emily Skye, has been inspiring with her fitness and health routines and lifestyle since 2014. She is a qualified personal trainer and her Emily Skye Fit programme has helped over 14 million women worldwide get into shape. For Emily, strong is happy is sexy Skinny and starved is not. Her programme involves a lot of resistance training aimed at sculpting your legs, butt, core and arms. In June of 2017, Emily announced her pregnancy – and did not stand back at the challenges of pregnancy.

Little Mia was due in December. Skye went ahead to diarise her pregnancy on Instagram, showing her pregnancy fitness routine and truthfully reporting on the ups and downs of the pregnancy. During the process, several health concerns prevented her from exercising as often as she would have liked and she shared all of these with her 2,4 million Instagram followers.

The proud mother of little Mia Elise gained about 21 kilos and since the birth, Emily has documented her post-natal fitness journey on Instagram. Every gruelling workout is shown and described and her progress is inspiring. Skye also gets very real about stretch marks, loose and stretched skin and loving your post-natal body. Her secret? Hard work and consistency.