Frequently asked Questions

To save you a phone call, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and our answers to them. Have a scroll down and if your question hasn’t been answered here, hit our contact page, ask us yourself and who knows, we might add your query to this list.

When does my membership expire?

  • Debit order memberships do not expire. They have a fix minimum durations, the initial period, and thereafter, they continue on a monthly notice period
  • Cash memberships have a fixed start and end date

When does my debit order go off?

  • Depending at which club you joined, either the 1st working day of the ensuing month, or the last working day of the previous month. Memberships fees are paid in advance.

When can I cancel my membership?

  • After the expiry of the initial period, you may cancel the memberships with one calendar month’s written notice by completing a form at reception.

Can I have a personal trainer?

  • Yes, all clubs have the services of personal trainer available, at an additional cost per session. Alternatively, the book an induction session with the fitness consultants and they will provide programs free of charge.

Where can I find an aerobics timetable / What classes do you have?

I am not using the gym, why should I pay for my membership?

  • Memberships at Zone Fitness is a service agreement, not a usage based contract.
  • Therefore you decide for how long you would like to have the facility available to you, and we provide the service for a specific period of time.

Can I bring a friend to try out the club?

  • Yes, but only on arrangement, please contact your club.

Can my husband use my card?

  • Membership to our clubs is personal, and cannot be transferred.

Can I have a locker for my bag?

  • Yes, just remember to bring a pad lock. The locker is available for use during the time you are at the club.
  • Please remove all your possessions after your session and make the locker available for the next member’s use.

Do you have junior care facilities?

  • Unfortunately not

Do I have to take out a contract, or can I pay month to month?

  • We have various membership durations, from daily fees and 1 month all the way to 12 and 24 month memberships.
  • The general principal of decrease fees with an increase in duration always applies.
  • Contact a membership consultant to decide which option best suit your needs.