May was a good month for fitness at the Zone Fitness clubs around the country. We pulled out all the stops with Bootcamps, Tummy Thursdays and Wacky Wednesday leg days! Of course, fitness starts somewhere, and our beginners had a blast with the Cardio Insanity sessions that got them started. Let’s hope June can keep up!


2017-05-27 19.08.35

Zone on the Square had a blast with all the beginners for their Cardio Insanity week. Beginners never stay beginners for long!

2017-05-27 18.28.34 (1)

No pain no gain, but oh is it worth it at the end. Tummy Thursdays at Zone on the Square never disappoints.

2017-05-27 18.37.26

Bootcamp at Zone on the square gives a full-body workout that your body will thank you for later.


Wackey Wednesday Leg Day at the Mitchell’s Plain Zone was the ultimate leg workout.


We are super proud of  the ladies at the Muizenberg Zone Fitness. You showed Tummy Tuesdays a thing or two.