Physical Fitness Week kicked off at all Zone Fitness clubs on Monday 22 May. Have a look at what the various clubs got up to:

Zone Fitness Muizenberg

In order to get ready for Physical Fitness Week, the staff at Zone Muizenberg got everyone from all the different departments involved  in becoming fit and living a healthy lifestyle. They started a Training Tuesday chain that was kicked off with a Shape Class. The staff learned a lot as to what the class entails, the benefits and how they can incorporate it into their daily lives.

Fitness Week

The actual Physical Fitness Week started with a Core Burn Class for members on Move It Monday.


Tummy Tuesday got everyone crushing core goals!

IMG-20170523-WA0004 (1)

Zone Fitness Cape Quarter

Move It Monday marks the first day of Physical Fitness Week at Zone Cape Quarter.


Zone Fitness Zone on the Square

Team Square had a Core Burn & Step Class to kick off Physical Fitness week on Move It Monday. The energy was extraordinary as all members came out wanting to have a hardcore workout to get the week started.


Zone Fitness Bellville

Move It Monday at Zone Bellville – an energetic start to Physical Fitness Week!


Toning it up with a core class for Tummy Tuesday.

WP_20170523_018 (1)

Leg pump for Wacky Wednesday!

WP_20170524_010 (1)

Zone Fitness Mitchell’s Plain

Members are working hard on their core strength on Tummy Tuesday!

IMG-20170524-WA0003[1] (1)

Zone Fitness St George’s Mall

Move It Monday at Zone Fitness St George’s Mall was a successful start to Physical Fitness Week!

pic5 (2)

Followed with a hardcore Tummy Tuesday!

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