Gym back? Check! Takkies? Check! Towel? Check! Snack before the workout? Umm… not quite. Just as you thought you were all set for your workout, you realised your checklist is missing something vital. To get the most out of your workouts, fuelling your body with the right food is vital, both before and after your workout.

When choosing the time to have your pre-workout snack, you need to consider the digestion thereof. Therefore, anything from 30 minutes- 2 hours is the ideal time for having the snack. This timing can vary from person-to-person so it is important to find the time that works for you. You need to feel fuelled when you hit the gym, but you also want to feel like the food is completely digested. Do not forget to feel hydrated, drink plenty of water before you go to gym and bring along a water bottle to ensure you are hydrated while you are working out.

Now that you know the basics, go ahead, and give some of these pre-workout snacks a trial. Hopefully it will leave you feeling energized and ready to reap the benefits of getting and staying in shape!

  • Oatmeal – While you might think this is exclusively for breakfast, think again. This is an ideal snack before hitting the gym. You can also add berries and nuts for some extra energy and flavour.
  • Smoothie – This is an aged-up favourite that hits the mark every time. Blend up your base (banana), with milk or yoghurt, berries and ice for an amazing drink that will have you ready for your workout.
  • Avocado on toast – This is a pre-workout snack for those who are a bit more hungry prior to hitting the gym, opt for a whole grain toast, spread a half an avocado and you good to go.
  • Vegetables and Hummus – For an easy snack that is perfect especially for those on the run. Cut up some carrots, celery or peppers and serve alongside hummus.