Wouldn’t we all love to have dessert for breakfast everyday? Well, this pumpkin pie overnight oats recipe comes super close! What makes this winner recipe even better, is how easy it is to prepare the night before.

Slotting breakfast into our busy work and exercise routines can be difficult, that’s why these overnight oats may come in handy to have on-the-go or as a post-workout snack, during those rushed mornings.

Filled with delicious and nutritious ingredients like Greek yoghurt, chia seeds and pumpkin, you can have these oats as dessert without even feeling guilty!

Find the recipe HERE:

When looking at the ingredients that makes up this pumpkin pie overnight oats, it’s not difficult to understand why we love this recipe so much!


Oats are a gluten-free, whole grain and rich in soluble fiber, which has many health benefits like reducing blood sugar levels, insulin response and cholesterol levels.

Oats are also very filling, making it a great option when on a diet.


Pumpkins are a great source of Vitamin A, which is important to keep our immune systems and vision healthy, and is relatively low in kilojoules.

With only around 50 calories per cup, pumpkin is nutrient-dense and a weight loss friendly carb.

Greek yoghurt

Full of probiotics, a healthy bacteria beneficial to your immune system and stomach, this is a great addition to the overnight oats.

Other important nutrients in greek yoghurt include protein, calcium, potassium and vitamin B12!

Chia seeds

Known as a superfood, chia seeds are an amazing source of anti-oxidants, iron, magnesium, zinc, fibre, protein and omega-3 fatty acids!

These seeds are super easy to incorporate into your diet and with two teaspoons added to the overnight oats, you get all the goodness.