We had a wonderful day at the Sancardia club!

We made learning about the importance of nutrition fun and exciting by implementing a reward system: members had to complete a mini circuit in order to get a nice chilled bowl of fruit salad.

We also gave out pamphlets and advice on healthy eating. The focus was on daily nutrition consumption as well as fun meal ideas and recipes.

Hope to see you at the next event!





Southdale Club hosted Nutrition Day today!

Staff at the club assisted with body assessments and gave advice on an eating plan according to your body shape and your health and fitness goals. A pamphlet containing information on the importance of nutrition and a meal plan was available to members. Fresh fruit were set out on tables for members to enjoy.



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Nutrition Day at Rondebosch!

Our Rondebosch club had the privilege of having a qualified nutritionist come in on Nutrition Day to help us give members the proper advice on their eating habits and a good eating plan.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone involved.





Cobble Walk celebrating Nutrition Day!

Our Cobble Walk club gave away health drinks and workout cards to members yesterday.
Here’s to healthy food choices and good nutrition!

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Nutrition Day at Brackenfell Club!
The Zone Fitness Brackenfell club bought fresh fruit for members to enjoy after their workout. There was  a ‘Health/Nutrition Awareness’ put up. Members could get their blood pressure tested and learn a few ‘fun facts’ regarding ones health and nutritional needs and intake.
We supplied our members with little handouts with what is required for their dietary intake on a daily basis, as well as a blood pressure monitoring table to indicate whether your BP is good or needs some work.
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Nutrition Awareness day at Parow Club
Zone Parow invited XS sports nutrition brand to promote their products and create awareness regarding a weight loss and weight management program. A table was set out for XS. The members tried their samples and they were interested in their products.
We promoted the sports nutrition brand in the aerobic classes as well. XS brought samples of the sports nutrition products for members and staff to taste.
The sports nutrition brand (XS) is an international brand that has been especially adjusted for the South African market. The range consists of Pre- and Post workouts, whey protein, protein bars and energy drinks. The Vitamin brand, Nutrilite, is made from organic fruits and vegetables promoting phytonutrients instead of the chemically formulated vitamins.
The Nutrition Awareness day was a success!
Zone Women Cape Town had some fit fun on Nutritional Awareness Day!

The club handed out fruit skewers and nutritional pamphlets to members.

They also had a fun bootcamp class, which also included an apple bobbing competition! The member who grabbed and apple out of the bowl in the quickest time was the winner. The best time was an exciting 1.6 seconds! She received a zone goodie bag as well.




Our Square club had an active day for Nutritional Awareness.

Members could choose any fruit on the table and got a training program that matches the chosen fruit. The program was a 5 minute workout with fitness instructions that the members had to complete. Liz Cilliers, a Health Coach, talked to our members about how the correct food and beverages for an individual can make all the difference in your health. We also had a protein stand (a variety of meats like biltong and droëwors) with De Waal.




Nutrition Day at St Georges Mall

For Nutritional Awareness Day Zone Fitnes St Georges Mall set up a table at reception where they had “fruitables” and “vegables” for members to help themselves with.
We also supplied members with handouts of what is required for their dietary intake on a daily basis.




Nutritional Awareness Day at Willowbridge?

For Nutrition Day the Willowbridge club had a health table where members could get their blood pressure taken before their workout. The club also offered a body composition assessment. The results were given to members together with healthy snack ideas.