It is no secret that the Western Cape is in the midst of a horrible drought and at Zone Fitness, we
are committed to doing our part to ensure we aid in the pursuit of water saving. Therefore, in an
effort to save our water usage, we will be implanting a two-phase model:

Phase one: Our clubs will be closing half the showers in both the male and the female changing
rooms. This change will be implemented in all of our clubs, within the Western Cape, by the end of
January 2018.
However, this might not be sufficient. If phase one fails to reduce our water usage by 45%, we will
be implementing phase two.

Phase two: All Zone Fitness clubs will only be making use of cold water in our changing room basins
and showers.

In addition to the phase implementation, we would like to request and urge members to keep taps
closed while washing their hands and brushing their teeth. We are, also, actively monitoring and
requesting the members keep their showers to a brief two minutes. To make this process more
accommodating, buzzers are currently being sourced that will buzz every 60 seconds to assist
members in time keeping. Waterless urinals are also being weighed as an option to save more water.
Zone fitness has already taken steps to reduce water usage significantly. Last year, we closed all
sauna and steam rooms in all of our branches. We have also altered our cleaning methods and now
use micro fibre cloths and spray bottles as much as possible. We have always and will always
continue to urge members to report any leaking taps or any form of water abuse at our clubs.

We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of both our staff and members during this
pressing time within the Western Cape. We all have to lead by example and make every drop of
water count.