Zone St Georges Mall

Last week Tuesday was Stress Awareness Day. Our St Georges Mall club hosted a yoga class to show members the importance of exercise as a stress-buster.



Zone Willowbridge

On Stress Awareness Day the Willowbridge club had a boxing station where members could participate in seeing how many punches they can pack in within one minute. This served as a way to de-stress and also as a warm-up for some of the members. The three best members were given prizes. There was also a yoga class. The music was turned down for the last 10 minutes of the yoga class to allow members full relaxation. Candles were lit and little “de-stress/care” packages were given to members to take home. Dark chocolate was added into the mix as it does not only taste good but is one of the foods listed that helps with stress relief.



Zone Women Cape Town

Zone Cape Town hosted an outdoor yoga class for Stress Awareness Day where members as well as staff took time to de-stress. They also handed out stress awareness pamphlets to members.



Zone Square

At our Stress Awareness Day at Zone Square we had back to back classes: Cardio Insanity, Coreburn, Shape Shift and Pilates. A special thank you to the group instructor Stephen Smit who was more than happy to do back to back classes.  We also got our fitness team to educate members on how to reduce stress and get members involved in our special stress awareness classes.

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2017-04-28 06.57.41

Zone Durbanville

For Stress Awareness day, Zone Durbanville hosted a Core Burn class where the staff also explained to members how they can relive stress.