Zone Fitness sugar-free dessert recipes

The magic ingredient that led to the invention of cake, desserts and many delicious delights, there is something so irresistible about the sensational sweet taste of sugar. We can all agree that it is extremely hard it cut it out of our diet – even when we know how it wreaks havoc to our bodies. Luckily for our sweet-tooths, there are sugar alternatives out there that can also create tasty goodies. For the love of sweet goodness, we found four sugar-free dessert recipes, packed with healthy alternatives, such as banana, prunes and dried dates. The perfect guilt-free treat, these desserts will leave your mouths watering for more.

Banana, chocolate and macadamia nut bars

With a touch of fruity sweetness from the bananas and prunes combined with a rich cocoa flavour and wholesome nutty goodness, these chewy sugar-free bars are a deliciously healthy snack. Best of all they are super easy to make. Click HERE for the full recipe.

Berry and banana crumble

A berry explosion filling enhanced with flavour of banana and a sweet hint of dates, topped with a crisp crumble (made using healthy ingredients such as oats, coconut and sesame seeds), this is your go-to sugar-free dessert recipe. Click HERE for the full recipe.

Chocolate, banana and peanut butter cheesecake

Set in oat, coconut and nutty crust, sweetened with dates, with a soft, rich filling packed with yummy goodness, this is a lovely chilled cheesecake perfect for a summer treat. Click HERE for the full recipe.

Baked matcha, vanilla and banana custards

Enhanced with date sweetness and nutty goodness, this baked matcha, vanilla, and banana custard pudding is a definite must-try sugar-free dessert- think smooth, creamy and flavourful delicious. Click HERE for the full recipe.