The appeal of an app like 5 Minute Yoga is undeniable. By setting aside only 5 minutes a day, you get to do a few of your favourite poses before heading to work. Even more than that, taking 5 minutes before or after your workout can be quite rewarding.

What makes the 5 Minute yoga app really great is that it also explains the poses to you. The well-known ‘Cobra’ pose is explained as a pose where you lie face down, with your feet together and toes pointing away from you. Thereafter, you bring your hands together on either side of your lower ribs and then you simply straighten your arms and lift your head and chest of the floor, tilting your head back. This also gives you a chance to practice the poses at your own pace and own time.

All the poses are aimed at beginners and therefore provides you with a chance to include yoga in your exercise routine on your own terms. Next time you head to the mat for some cooling down stretches or bodyweight exercises, you will be able to add a pose or two for 5 minutes.

Allowing push notifications will enable 5 Minute Yoga to send you reminders daily at a time you specified, making it even easier for you to add your yoga exercises to your daily routine and to make it stick.

You also do not have to worry about running out of exercises anytime soon as the app has a year’s worth of 5 minute exercises that includes a different combination of poses daily that will help you easily master beginners yoga.

The app is free for the most part but has the option to unlock all premium features at a once-off R150. You are also able to create your very own custom routine by putting together the poses where after it will play automatically.