Want to round off your romantic valentine’s day dinner with a quick and easy desert? You have come to the right place. Try this simple recipe for strawberry sorbet and wow your significant other this valentine’s day:


2 cups of frozen strawberries

180ml of water

1 tablespoon of honey



Add all your strawberries and honey into a food processor/blender with half your water (140ml).

Blend all together. Have a look at the consistency of your sorbet. If it’s still lumpy, add some more of the water until you reach a nice thick consistency.

Your sorbet is ready to serve immediately. However, if your sorbet is runny or you don’t want to serve it yet, pop it into a container, cover it and place it in the freezer. If you leave it in the freezer for a few hours, it will go solid. So be sure to remove the sorbet about 20 minutes before you would like to serve it so it’s the perfect consistency.

There you have it! Your simple, quick and refreshing desert idea to round off your romantic valentine’s day dinner. Enjoy!