Where digital meets good old exercise, Global Fitness startups are showcasing their sheer innovative strength. Using state-of-the-art technologies such as heart rate and step-tracking wearables, virtual instructors, tracking mirrors and even 3D imagery, these entrepreneurial gurus are game changers, appealing to the need for greater convenience, immediacy and trackability in exercise. Here are the top global fitness startups to keep an eye on:


This spin bike and treadmill developer has a whopping total funding of $994.4M. Using technologies and designs to connect the world through fitness, Peloton gives you access to world-class instructors based in New York City, so that you can attend the best classes right in the comfort of your own home.

For more, visit onepeloton.com

Flywheel Sports

Flywheel Sports have taken their in-studio experienced – the trainers, the community, the classes – and packed it into one high-performance bike. Using their interactive technology that creates an immersive experience, they offer classes that range from high-intensity interval training to beat-based core strengthening training.

For more, visit flywheelsports.com


With their “most flexible fitness membership ever”, ClassPass offers a sought-after solution to gym convenience. Using a subscription marketplace, this brainchild allows you to find, book and attend 10 classes per month at any affiliated gym or fitness centre in your city.

For more, visit classpass.com


Offering a digital engagement platform, Zwift has devised mindblowing multiplayer video game technology that pairs with your indoor training gear, to create realistic virtual training experiences.

For more, visit zwift.com


Strava is the top social network for anyone that enjoys running or cycling. By tracking runs, either with its built-in GPS technology or by syncing with fitness watches, the app displays your training sessions in a similar way to Facebook’s news feed, allowing users to “give kudos” for and comment on each other’s efforts. Strava is free, with a paid premium membership option that provides enhanced training statistics and plans.

For more, visit strava.com


With a focus on fitness and health, this super boss personal training app offers a wealth of top-notch digital health and informative wellness content.

For more, visit aaptiv.com


Driven by a clear mission to ensure athletic excellence through muscle activity based feedback, Athos aims to help maximise training, monitor performance and reach goals quickly and efficiently.

For more, visit liveathos.com


Expertly tailored for elite athletes and teams, Whoop has an optimized fitness engagement system to help athletes improve their performance metrics.

For more, visit whoop.com

Interactive Fitness

The perfect balance between convenience and intense fitness, Interactive Fitness offers indoor workout equipment programmed with virtual reality. Offering a fun outdoor workout experience, it helps users achieve fitness goals in the comfort of their own homes.

For more, visit ifholdings.com

Mirror to Move

Mirror to Move presents an interactive digital mirror that guides and motivates you through your workout with useful tips to enhance performance. Best of all this interactive mirror can be connected right in your home!

For more, visit mirrortomove.com


Experts in fitness genomics, AthGene provides fitness fanatics with a thorough gene analysis; and offers unique insights regarding the best workout and nutrition plan for each unique body composition.

For more, visit athgene.com

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