The water crises within Western Cape is no secret and with level 6B water restrictions in place, we, at Zone Fitness, have moved along to the next phase of our water saving plan of action. Water saving initiatives are currently active in all of our Western Cape branches and our main focus is to assist the province in making every drop count.

Therefore, from the first of February, there will only be two showers per change room and hot water will be available in showers. We have now installed shower beepers that go off every 30 seconds and we’d like to encourage members to keep showers under 60 seconds. Each shower also has a bucket which members are encouraged to use to collect grey water. Members are also asked to please make use of that grey water collected to flush the toilets.

The hand basin taps are closed and hand sanitisers are available for our members to make use of.

In terms of the urinals, we strongly encourage members not to flush, we will do a manual flush and clean.

Our water fountains are open, but members are limited to 750ml refills only.

We acknowledge and understand that these steps seem rather drastic. However, we are determined to assist the City of Cape Town and are on the pursuit to #DefeatDayZero

Just to reiterate – These changes are for our Western Cape clubs only.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this pressing time.