Embracing your body nowadays can seem like a daunting task. Instead of trying to live up to the world’s idea of ‘beautiful’, our focus should rather be on being healthy and being the best possible version of ourselves.

No one embraces this mantra more than former Miss SA finalist, model and inspirational speaker, Marciel Hopkins. In a recent Cosmopolitan article, Hopkins singles out her backside as her favourite body part ; “I love my bum – it gives a unique shape to my body and it makes me feel confident and sexy”.

body positivity

Taking a look at her Instagram page, we see that Hopkins doesn’t mind getting hot and heavy in the gym. In fact, she encourages others to forget about the excuses that are holding you back. “There will ALWAYS be someone prettier and smarter than you and we are all self conscious about something, but life is TOO short and beautiful to miss out on wonderful opportunities over something as silly as a little cellulite.”

body positivity

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Hopkins discusses the willingness of South Africans to embrace all body types; “I think there is still immense potential for growth in terms of body diversity in South Africa. We are a diverse, rainbow nation that is represented by different shapes and sizes, but we unfortunately don’t see all bodies represented in the media.”

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