It’s almost the end of the year again, which means it’s time to think up some New Year’s resolutions. In some cases, this could be something completely new; a hobby that you’d like to try or a skill that you’d like to hone. Or it could be last year’s resolution that lost steam along the way. Maybe you fell off the wagon one too many times, or forgot what you were actually working towards. Check out our list of tips to help your conquer your New Year’s resolutions:

Break it into smaller, attainable goals

If your goal is to lose 10 kg, it’s best to not focus on the entire weight. Of course, it’s always good to keep the bigger picture in mind, but focusing on the sum total of what you want to lose can seem overwhelming or totally unattainable. Break it down into smaller goals, so rather focusing on the full 10 kg, start by focusing on the first two. When you’ve reached that goal, move onto the next.

Celebrate the small things

Maybe you would like to get fitter and your first goal is to run a half marathon – big picture thinking here. The only problem is that at first you can’t even run 5km without stopping for a breather. But with training and consistency you know that you’ll get there, and when you do, celebrate it. You’re improving and getting closer to the goal than when you started. Find a reason to stay excited about the challenge that you’ve set for yourself.

Focus on the reason you’re choosing this resolution

Sometimes we fall off the wagon; hey, it happens. Instead of getting discouraged, focus on the “why” of your challenge. Why did you want to get fitter? It could be for health reasons, or it could be to prove to yourself that you are up to the challenge. Whatever the reason, make sure you stay firmly reminded of what made you decide on this New Year’s resolution.

Be accountable for it

Sure, life happens and sometimes things get in the way. Unfortunately,, that’s not a reason to play the blame game. Even if certain aspects are out of your control, there are ways to work around it. Remember that the person who wants this most, is you.

Try the buddy system

If you feel like going at it alone is a little tougher than you had anticipated, why not get a friend or partner to give it a go with you. It’s a great comfort to know that you have someone going through the same thing and with a similar goal in mind.

Write it down

Out of sight, out of mind? That may be the case with most of us. A lot of our New Year’s resolutions are often verbal rather than written, which means that we tend to forget what we’ve set out to achieve as time passes. Write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on your fridge, tape it to your mirror or frame it, and hang it somewhere in the house. This way you’ll be reminded of your goals daily.