Since 2009, each November has seen South African men growing moustaches as part of the global Movember Campaign. This campaign raises vital funds for the care and support of men affected by cancer and gives all men the opportunity to change the face of men’s health in the country. 

We challenge men to take the Move for Movember Challenge and try a few Pilates classes at their nearest Zone Fitness club as a way to stay healthy. 

Pilates is a body conditioning class aimed at improving flexibility and muscle tone to improve posture and here are a few benefits of Pilates:

  • Reduces Lower Back Pain
  • Develops Neglected Muscle Groups
  • Improves Flexibility
  • Strengthens Core
  • Improves Sports Performance
  • Reduced stress and better mental focus
  • With Pilates, you will get better sleep 

So, show your support and sign-up for Movember today and help raise awareness about men’s health.